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A SIM-LOCK, NETWORK-LOCK, CARRIER-LOCK, imei-lock or (master) subsidy lock is actually a technical limit built into CDMA and GSM smartphones by manufacturers to be used by carrier networks to limit the use of these phones to a particular locations and/or networks. This is unlike a phone (retrospectively called SIM-free or unlocked) which doesn't impose any SIM restrictions.The key reason why numerous network providers SIM lock their handsets is that they offer cell phones at a discount to consumers in exchange for a contract to pay for the use of the network for a specified period of time, commonly between one and three years. This business model permits the business to recover the price of the phone over the duration of the contract. These sort of savings are worth as much as a few hundred US dollars.

Unlocking Technology: A mobile can be unlocked by entering a code provided by the network operator. Different mechanisms include software running on the device or a computer or laptop attached to the device, hardware devices that attach to the device or over-the-air by the service provider. In most cases the unlock operation is permanent. The code required to get rid of all locks from a phone is referred to as the master code, network code key, or multi-lock code. If the device is network locked it will generally display one of these messages: SIM network PIN blocked, Enter lock PIN.

Economics: The primary reason to unlock a mobile is going to be able to utilize it with an alternative SIM card. Users might like to carry on using their mobile phone but with a new service provider or while traveling in another country they might need to connect to a overseas network using a prepaid subscription.

Unlocking Services: Quite a few companies provide a carrier phone unlocking service. This service requires those people whom need to unlock a handset to supply their IMEI number to a unlocking company and quite often they will also request the country and cellular network the phone is locked to, either sent by email or submitted on their web-site. The organization then will provide (at a cost to you) an unlock code for the mobile.

Unlocking Service Providers: Unfortunately there are a lot of dodgy websites active in the smartphone carrier unlocking industry. As a consequence it pays to be certain you locate a reliable provider for such a service. Do your due diligence and investigate all potential retailers in advance of committing to place an order. In the case of on line suppliers, make sure they document their official business name and matching registration details (all legitimate organization is required to be legally registered with all the official governing bodies for their country of origin) and ensure they provide a genuine registered address and contact details on their web site. Additionally make certain that any payments made are done so through legitimate sources as in a recognized bank or financial institution using a debt or credit card, but never make payment via a direct transfer since this offers no fiancial security. To aid with the search for a trustworthy supplier, we've provided a list below (and in no particular order) of several legit organisations currently offering such services.

Reputable Mobile Phone IMEI Unlocking Service Providers: Unlock.ZoneUnlock BaseUnlock RiverCell UnlockerMobile UnlockedDoctorSIM

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